Dips : To develop the thickness of the triceps muscles, especially around the elbow.

Dips are often thought of as a chest exercise, but they can be done in such a way as to hit the triceps muscles really hard as well.

1) Taking hold of the parallel bars, raise yourself up and lock out your arms.

2) As you bend your elbows and lower yourself between the bars, try to stay as upright as possible - the more you lean back, the more you work the triceps; the more your bend forward during the dips workout, the more you work the pectorals.

3) From the bottom of the dips movement, press yourself back up until your arms are locked out, then give an extra flex of the triceps to increase the contraction.

4) You can also increase the effort involved in dips exercise by using a weight hooked around your waist and by coming up only about three-quarters of the way rather than locking out the movement and taking the tension off the triceps muscles.

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