Building Better Triceps

Building Better Triceps

Two of the nine pivot points - those stunning body parts located precisely where they attract the most attention - are the lower biceps and long head of the triceps muscle. When fully developed, these muscles lend a mystical beauty to the physique that size alone can't.


Most triceps muscle exercise won't tap your true size potential because they don't target the long head, the only triceps head connected to the shoulder. You have to move your arm way over-head to activate this muscle. The best triceps movement for size without injury is the kneeling triceps extension, done with a twin pedestal bench. Attach a V-bar that is at least 1.25 inches in diameter to a low cable to make this combination work its magic. If you don't have access to this apparatus, you can convert a regular lat machine into something that works almost as well. All you need is a 13-foot cable, a 3-foot chain and a V-bar. If you don't have a twin pedestal bench, a plain flat bench doest the job.

Here's how to begin the exercise: Grasp the V-bar, then kneel on the floor facing away from the low-cable machine. Leaning forward at the waist, rest your elbows on the twin pedestal bench so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor, and press your feet against the foot rests on the cable machine behind you. The cable pulley should be 5 feet off the floor. Keeping your elbows stationary on the bench, press the V-bar forward over your shoulders and out in front of you, just short of elbow lockout.

Remember, the key to building better triceps muscles on the long head of the triceps is getting your arms overhead. When you bend your elbows and the V-bar moves back behind your head, duck your torso down so you get a better stretch of the triceps. Dipping your upper body even lower than the top of the bench puts an incredible stretch on the triceps long head. That's the benefit of using a twin pedestal bench - you can get your head down without rubbing your face into it. Return to the starting position before beginning your next rep.

This exercise literally forces development and puts a sweep under the triceps muscle like nothing you have done before. When you hit a double-biceps pose after doing this for a while, your triceps muscle will hang down as far as the biceps muscle peak up.

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