Stretching is important for Bodybuilding

Stretching is important for Bodybuilding

If you think you are getting all the stretching you need in order to maximize strength and muscle mass during your bodybuilding training sessions, or even if you spend a couple of minutes before and / or after your bodybuilding workouts, you are definitely not making the most of your genetics and your overall bodybuilding program.

Most athletics endeavors require some development in all components of physical and motor fitness: strength, power, speed, endurance, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility. Obviously, specific sports will place more emphasis on specific component. However, since stretching and flexibility is the ability to move muscles, joints and bones through their full range of motion (ROM), improving ROM can improve performance.

Stretching is probably the single most important activity that can be used to prevent injuries. Bodybuilding requires a high level of flexibility. So do gymnastics, martial arts, wrestling, yoga and dance. Unfortunately, many athletes don't understand the benefits of stretching and flexibility or even consider it too time-consuming and don't do it.

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