Stretching in Interscapula Region

Stretching in Interscapula Region

The interscapula region is difficult for an individual to reach himself or herself by stretching. This is one of the more important areas to be worked on as once the muscles harden up, there will be lots of stiffness and aches.

Also the flow of blood may not be smooth. As a result, nutrients to the bones and muscles will be limited, thereby affecting the smooth functioning of this area. The techniques shown here will help you with the movement of your arms.

The pressure should be just nice and comfortable, it should not be painful. If it is too light, the recipient will not feel any pressure. This takes practice and after a few runs, you will get the feel of how much pressure to apply. The amount of pressure to apply depends on the condition of the body you are working on. If the recipient feels pain, stop applying pressure immediately.

Stretching in the interscapula region

  • Stand on the right side of your client.

  • Place your right hand under the ball and socket joint of your client.

  • Lift your client's hand and place it on his back - not everyone is flexible so be careful when you life your client's hand.

  • Use your left hand and place it into the muscles under the scapula.

  • Lift up the shoulder using your right hand, your left hand should feel as if it is digging deeper into the muscles.

  • If there is lots of tension here, or if the muscles are hardened up, then it may be difficult for the client's scapula to move.

  • Lift up the shoulder for 3-4 times before moving to another spot.

  • Do this stretch around the scapula.

  • The client should feel a good stretch.

  • This is an immediate release and the client should feel a lot looser in the scapula region.

Palm pressure on scapula

  • Stand on the right side of your client.

  • Put your right hand on your client's right scapula.

  • Rest your left hand on your client's left scapula.

  • Rotate your right palm in a circular motion in the same spot for 1 minute.

  • Repeat on other side.

Thumb pressure on scapula

  • Stand at a diagonal to the clientis body.

  • The diagram shows the right scapula being worked on.

  • Do not press onto the bone.

  • Your thumbs should be into the muscles, that is, in between the spinal column and scapula.

  • Stand with one leg in front and one leg behind so that you can rock forward and backward.

  • As you rock forward, you apply the pressure; as you rock back, you take off the pressure.

  • Repeat 3 times before working on the left scapula.

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