Stretches for Fitness Walking

Stretches for Fitness Walking

The most effective stretching that you can do in preparation for fast fitness walking is active stretching, where you not only stretch the muscles and connective tissue, but also contract the muscles to prepare them for their forthcoming work.

Examples of some stretches you can do in preparation for walking :

Lower Leg - Place the balls of the feet on a platform and move through the full range of motion to warm up and stretch the calf muscles and Achilles tendons.

Hamstrings - Do the good morning without weights. Or place the heel of your right foot on the floor about 12 inches away and at an angle to the left foot. With both knees soft and hands on the upper thighs bending at the waist, lean slightly to one side. Hold for 15 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Quadriceps - Do a full squat without weights.

Hip Flexors - Lunge forward with one leg (keep the knee directly over, not in front of, the ankle), keep the trunk erect, and slowly drop the back knee to the floor.

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