Leg and Lower Body Stretching - Advanced

Leg and Lower Body Stretching - Advanced

Upper Back Stretching

1) Knee on all fours, extend arms forward while lowering your chest toward floor.

2) Exhale and extend arms farther and press down on the floor while arching back.    ( Note: If you feel any discomfort in upper back or shoulders, stop ! )

3) Hold for 20-60 seconds, then relax.

Hamstrings Stretching

1) Stand with your back flat against a wall and raise one leg, keeping your hips squarely forward and toes    facing forward.

2) Have a partner hold your raised leg slightly above the ankle.

3) Exhale, relaxing as your partner raises your leg. Keep hips, legs and toes facing forward.

4) Communicate with your partner to maximize the benefits and minimize any risks of overstretching.

5) Hold for 20-60 seconds, then lower the leg slowly. Do other side.

Quadriceps Stretching

1) Sit upright, hips on floor, one leg out-stretched in front of you and the other leg bent back at the knee.

2) Exhale as you lean back, ideally placing your head, back and hips flat on floor, keeping your foot next to  your thigh.

3) Hold for 20-60 seconds, then relax. Do other side.

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