Leg Muscles - Flexing and Stretching

Leg Muscles - Flexing and Stretching

Whenever you see body builders cramping up from fatigue in a contest, it is usually the leg muscles that go first. Leg muscles are huge, strong muscles and it takes a lot of practice to develop the kind of endurance needed to pose the legs for hour after hour.

Hard posing practice ,flexing and stretching the legs constantly during your workout help create maximum muscle separation and the cross striations that modern bodybuilders are now achieving. However, the more you contract these large muscles, the more they tend to shorten up, so it is equally important to lengthen them again with stretching movements. Virtually all the top champions use a lot of stretching in order to develop their fantastic legs. Arnold Schwarzenegger would spend 15 minutes stretching before doing a leg workout, and then stretch again after he finished.

But you can also stretch during a workout by including the right exercises - for example, doing Straight-Leg Deadlifts or Good Mornings to stretch the leg biceps right after you do your Leg Curls, being sure to go all the way down when doing Squats and Hack Squats, and bringing your knees all the way to your chest when doing Leg Presses.

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