Active, Static, Ballistic Stretching Techniques

Active, Static, Ballistic Stretching Techniques

Selecting the right stretching techniques depends upon the level of flexibility, activities the bodybuilder is involved with availability of a training partner and/ or equipment and individual goals .

Active Stretching - the individual supplies the force of the stretch.

Passive Stretching - a partner or a device provides the force. This technique is used in physical therapy when a patient can't move through the ROM. Passive stretching is usually performed statically, although Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) is an example of a dynamic passive stretch.

Static Stretching is the most popular technique. It involves simply moving into a comfortable stretch and holding the position for the desired time. This is the safest technique and therefore is recommended for beginners.

Ballistic Stretching involved momentum in the form of bouncing, bobbing and rapid stretching movements. This technique has the highest degree of risk and should be done only by well-conditioned athletes who require ballistic and movements in their activities such as martial arts, ballet and gymnastics.

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