Traps Muscle - Develop

Trap Muscle - Develop

Compact, thick muscles that expand the top of a T-shirt - that's what big, impressive traps muscle are all about. No bodybuilder's physique is complete without them.

A flat muscle group located on the upper-middle back, the trap muscle respond well to heavy resistance, but with one caveat: Maintain especially good form. Using weight that's too heavy limits range of motion (which limits growth) and may lead to spinal compaction. When shrugging, for example, remember to keep your head up and do full spinal stretches after you finish (like hanging from a high bar).

Most bodybuilders train this stubborn body part along with shoulders or back, since both types of training involve the traps muscle to some degree. Strong traps will improve your deadlift, and for football players, are essential to protecting the neck. Because relatively few exercises (basically shrugs and upright rows) develop the traps muscle directly, rotate the one you include in your workout. One or two exercises twice a week are all you need to develop the traps muscle.

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