Trapezius Muscles - Training

Trapezius Muscles - Training

The trapezius muscles are the visual center of the upper back, the trapezoidal structure that ties together the neck, deltoid, and latissimus muscles. The traps muscles play an important part in both front and rear poses, In shot like the back double biceps, the traps help produce that fantastic effect where your muscles ripple from elbow to elbow clear across the top of your back.

In a rear lat pose, as your lats come forward and sweep out, the trapezius muscles form a clear triangle of muscle in the middle of your back. Trap development also helps to separate the rear delts from the upper back. And in most front poses, the line of the traps, from neck to deltoids, is extremely important, especially if you want to be able to do an impressive most muscular shot.

But the traps have to be developed in proportion to the rest of your body. If they stick up too high and slow down too abruptly, your deltoids will appear too small. The traps muscles work in opposition to the pulldown function of the lats - they raise they entire shoulder girdle. Include heavy upright rows as part of your power training so that your traps muscles will build mass and strength right from the start. But the traps also benefit from the barbell clean and press and from heavy deadlifts.

Incidentally, you will get some trap muscles development from dumbbell laterals, provided you do it the right way. Starting with the dumbbells in front of the thighs rather than hanging down by your sides. Include dumbbell shrugs as part of your trapezius training. These work the traps directly, and you can build up to a tremendous amount of weight in this workout. Almost any rowing exercise (bent over barbell rows) or shoulder press (barbell or dumbbell) involves a lifting motion of the traps as well as other muscle functions. And strong traps help you use heavier weight in all of these other movements.

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