Training the Deltoids

Training the Deltoids

There are two basic kinds of exercises to build the deltoids muscles - straight arms raises and presses.

Raises involve lifting your extended arm upward in a wide arc, which better isolates the heads. You need to do raises to the front, to the side, and to the rear. When you do raises, you do not involve the triceps, but almost completely isolate the various heads of the deltoids. However, because you are isolating the deltoids muscles, you cannot lift as much weight as with pressing movements, because you keep your arm virtually straight throughout the deltoids workout.

In shoulder presses, you begin with your arms bent, the weight about shoulder height, and lift the barbell or dumbbells straight up over your head. Because you are straightening your arms as well as lifting upward, presses involve both the deltoids and the triceps. You can vary the stress on your shoulders to a slight degree to direct it toward the different deltoid heads by doing different kinds of presses - to the front or rear, using a dumbbells, barbells, or various machines.

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