Supraspinatus Muscle

Supraspinatus Muscle

The best exercises to strengthen the supraspinatus muscle through its most important range of motion are the lying and incline lateral arm raises. To perform these movements, lie on your side on an incline (approximately 45-degree angle or less) or flat bench. Grasp a relatively light dumbbell and turn your arm inward so that the thumb points downward. Hold your arm straight and locked in position as you raise it to the vertical position. Return to the initial position under control, relax and then repeat.

When using the flat bench, you strengthen the supraspinatus muscle at the very beginning of its action; the incline-bench variation strengthens the supraspinatus muscle through the middle range of motion and when the arm is somewhat above shoulder level. Performing both exercises can completely strengthen the supraspinatus muscles.

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