Shoulders Muscles Basic Training

Shoulders Muscles Basic Training

We believe in doing a lot of power training to develop shoulders muscles no matter how advanced you are. But power training is perhaps most valuable when you are beginning. The deltoids muscle respond well to working with heavy weights. This helps your overall development because so many other power exercises - from Bench Presses to Dead lifts to Bent Over Rows - require a lot of shoulder strength.

Therefore, right from the beginning we recommend that you do movements like the Clean and Press, Heavy Upright Rows, and Push Presses in addition to Dumbbell Laterals. This kind of program will build up the shoulder mass and strength you need to enable you to go on to advanced training. Why we prefer to start beginners out with the Clean and Press exercise rather than just Shoulder Presses is that the extra movement - lifting the barbell of the floor, bringing it up to shoulder height, and tucking the arms in underneath to support it - works so many additional muscles besides the deltoids, specifically the back, traps and triceps muscles

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