Shoulders Muscle - 101

Shoulders Muscle - 101

Shoulder muscle is, to a great extent, determined by skeletal structure. That is something you are born with. There is another type of physique which is characterized not by narrowness through the shoulders, but by a "hanging" look.

The other factor involved in a wide-shouldered look is the development of the side deltoids, When these muscles are fully developed, you get a very impressive display when they are flexed. The ideal look for the competition bodybuilder is to have both a square bone structure and great side deltoid development.

Incidentally, bodybuilders noted for fantastic deltoid development are usually also known for enormous shoulder strength. But width - and the development of the side head of the deltoid is only one aspect of the total development of the deltoid muscles. Shoulders also need to be thick, to show development in the front and the rear, to tie in properly to the pectorals and the biceps as well as to the traps and the rest of the back.

The deltoids are extremely versatile. In order to move the arm forward, back, side-to-side, up and around, the deltoids have three distinct lobes of muscle called heads: the anterior (front) head, the medial (side) head, and the posterior (rear) head.

The deltoids play a prominent part in virtually every bodybuilding pose. They add to your width and size in a front double-biceps pose; to your muscularity in a most-muscular pose. The thickness and development of all three heads play an important part in poses seen from the side, such as the side chest shot or triceps pose. From the rear, the effect of a pose like the rear double-biceps is highly dependent on how much shape, separation, and definition you have achieved in the rear delts.

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