Shoulder Muscles - Competition Program

Shoulder Muscles - Competition Program

The function of the shoulder muscles is very complex, enabling your arm to move in virtually a 360-degree circle - and this means that there are many angles at which you can train your shoulder muscles to carve out the best shape out of it.

When training for competition, you have to pay close attention to detail. Not only must each head be developed in proportion, but each must be totally separated from the others, with all three heads clearly defined and visible. Additionally, the deltoid structure must be totally separated from the muscles of the upper arm as well as from the trapezius and upper back muscles. The front delts also must be clear and distinct from the sweep of the pectoral muscles.

On top of all of this, you need the striations and cross striations that give you the kind of quality that makes you competitive at the highest levels. Certainly, none of this comes easily. You can't just take any shoulder routine and expect to develop championship deltoids. It takes continually increasing intensity using techniques like supersets, trisets, the Stripping method, and as many of the Shocking Principles as possible. If you find that despite your efforts you still have weak points in your deltoid development, intensive training is the only solution; you need to carefully study the weak point options and decide how to reorganize your shoulder workouts to deal with these problems.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with Franco Columbu, they did dumbbell presses down the rack starting with 100 pounds, then immediately went and punished their delts muscle with lateral raises until they were unable to lift their arms. Sometimes they would do trisets: first a front delt exercise, then one for side delts, and finally a set for rear delts. After a couple of these shoulder muscles workout, your shoulders will felt as if they were on fire, with every fiber screaming for mercy.

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