Shoulder - Exacerbating the Problem

Shoulder - Exacerbating the Problem

If the muscles aren't sufficiently developed or if you have a problem with rotation, abduction or elevation of the scapulae, then the chances of shoulder impingement are increased. In such cases, it isn't the exercise that causes shoulder impingement, but a pre-existing problem that's exacerbated by the exercise. A physician should evaluate the condition to determine the cause and a plan to correct it.

Rehabilitation of the joint and its surrounding muscles will most likely be needed. During this period, to allow for full healing, the patient may have to curtail range of motion in the shoulder and possibly eliminate certain exercises. This might mean performing front and lateral raises, but only to the level position. After the joint is heated, which may take 4-12 weeks, you should be doing full-range arm raises without weights until you can raise your arms with no discomfort. Then begin using very tight weights and very gradually (over weeks and months) begin to use heavier weights.

To further substantiate the need for a full range of motion when doing front and lateral arm raises, we can take a look at overhead press exercises. When the overhead press from behind or in front of the neck is executed, the elbows are well below the level of the shoulder in the initial position. Because of this, the arms travel from approximately 30-45 degrees below shoulder level to the 180-degree full overhead position - a range of 135-150 degrees. This is why overhead presses are so effective for development of the deltoids and the other muscles.

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