Right Way to do the Shoulder Overhead Press

Right Way to do the Shoulder Overhead Press

1) Prepare for heavy shoulder overhead press by first focusing on developing flexibility, strengthening the stabilizers and mastering the correct pressing form. Do full-range side and rear lateral raises with dumbbells, not machines, to ensure that shoulder-girdle strength and development are balanced from front to rear.

2) Warm up thoroughly before each workout, paying particular attention to the rotator-cuff muscle group.

3) Any time a movement causes pain, stop immediately. Assuming that the pain isn't severe or the result of a traumatic injury, analyze your form carefully and try again with a lighter weight, performing the movement smoothly, slowly and mechanically correctly. If you still experience pain, see a sports-medicine professional. Often, a short layoff for that exercise or muscle group/joint, combined with a course of anti-inflammatory, is all you need to get back on track. Don't keep trying to do something that hurts (unless it's medically prescribed and monitored therapy).

Don't bring the head forward and out of line with the upper torso, bend the wrists or allow the elbows to come back behind the body when performing the shoulder overhead press.

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