One Arm Cross Cable Laterals

One Arm Cross Cable Laterals

One Arm Cross Cable Laterals : Work the outside head of the deltoids muscle .The advantage of doing one arm cross cable laterals with a cable and floor pulley : it allow you to isolate first one side of the body, then the other; cable provides constant tension unaffected by your motion relative to the pull of gravity.

1) Hold the handle and stand with your arm down and across your body, place your free hand on your hip.

2) With a steady motion, pull outward and upward, keeping the angle in your elbow constant throughout the exercise, until your hand is just slightly higher than your shoulder.

3) Twist your wrist as you raise your arm . Do your reps with one hand, then an equal number with the other. Don't lift the weight by raising up with your body - use the deltoids muscle.

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