Military Press - Elbows In

Military Press - Elbows In

Military Press - "elbows in" is a variation of the front neck press that differs from the behind neck and overhead press in its positioning of the elbows. In the military press, the elbows are pointed more to the front, not out to the sides. This requires a strong back that can slightly hyperextend (go beyond the normal unloaded lordotic curve) to better accommodate the load during the natural slight "layback" as the bar goes overhead.

Because of the forward position of the elbows during the military press, you execute shoulder joint flexion rather than shoulder-joint abduction, with the anterior deltoid playing the major role together with the upper pectoralis major. Yet the scapulae must still rotate upward and move out to the sides (abduction) to allow the elbows to move to the front of the body. The upper and lower trapezius (along with the serratus anterior) must be exceptionally strong to rotate the scapulae as the bar is pressed overhead. The supraspinatus is no longer involved. 

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