Upper Leg Muscles

Upper Leg Muscles

The quadriceps are the upper leg muscles at the front of the thigh which act as extensors of the leg. The four muscles involved are the rectus femoris, the vastus intermedius (these two muscles making up the central V-shape delineation of the middle front thigh), the vastus medialis of the inner thigh, and the vastus lateralis of the outer thigh.

Quadriceps basic function : To extend and straighten the leg

The biceps femoris and associated muscles - the thigh flexors at the rear of the leg

Biceps femoris function : To curl the leg back

Other important muscles of the upper leg include the tensor fasciae latae, coming down from the hip to the outer thigh; and the sartorius, the longest muscle in the body, which weaves diagonally across the front of the thigh. 

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