Thighs Muscles Workout

Thighs Muscles Workout

Lower Thighs Muscles Workouts

Since the lower thighs works hardest when the knee is fully bent, it's recommended that the following exercises with a three-quarter movement in which you go all the way down but come up only about three-quarters of the way.

  • Squats, Hack Squats and Leg Presses
  • Leg Extensions, concentrating on letting the legs go all the way back and stretching out the thigh to the point where the lower thigh is working the hardest

Outer Thighs Muscles Workouts

  • Front Squats
  • Hack Squats
  • Any Squat or Leg Press with toes pointed straight and the feet close together
  • Abductor machines and movements

Inner Thighs Muscles Workouts

  • Lots of Lunges - a very valuable inside thigh exercise
  • Straight-Leg Deadlifts
  • Any Squat or Press movement with the toes turned outward with a relatively wide foot stance
  • Abductor machines and movements

Front Sweep of Thighs Muscles Workouts

  • Hack Squats with a block under the heels to further stress the quadriceps
  • Sissy Squats

In developing the thighs muscles, it is helpful to vary your foot position when doing various thigh movements:

For Overall Thighs Muscles Workouts

  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Toes pointed slightly out

For Outer Thighs (Vastus Lateralis) Emphasis

  • Feet close together
  • Toes pointed straight ahead

For Inner Thighs (Adductor) and Front Thighs (Vastus Medialis) Emphasis

  • Feet relatively wide apart
  • Toes pointed out at a wide angle

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