The Demands of Leg Training

The Demands of Leg Training

Because upper leg training is so strenuous and demanding, a lot of bodybuilders find their leg development lagging behind simply because they don't put an all-out effort into it. They look in the mirror and are disappointed in how their legs look, but they don't realize the kind of total concentration of effort it takes to make those huge muscles like legs muscles to respond.

Leg workouts simply have to be brutal to be effective. This involves a mental effort almost as much as a physical one. Normal workouts are hard enough, but if thighs happen to be a weak point in your physique, you have to be prepared to push yourself even more. That means forcing yourself to break down any inhibition or barrier, blasting your thighs to create total development.

Many bodybuilders have trouble going to total failure in leg training. After all, going to exhaustion with 400 pounds across the back of your neck can be scary. This is why having a training partner to spot you is especially important for leg training. When you have forced out all the reps you can for you squats, stand there, hold the weight for a moment, then try for one more rep. Push you body to its limit. But make sure somebody is standing by to spot you when you do this. Also, when doing leg presses try to push yourself to this same degree, forcing the legs to exhaustion just the way you would do with any other body part.

If you want to build gigantic thighs and shapely glutes, you must always ask yourself this question: Is it true that I really cannot do another rep? In our experience, whenever we challenged anyone this way, he usually could force out one more.

However, as important as hard and heavy training is for thigh and glute development, don't make the mistake of confusing sheer effort with effective effort. As in any bodybuilding training, you have to use the correct technique if you want the maximum results. Besides going for maximum intensity in all of your thigh exercises, pay close attention to how the movement is supposed to be executed and try to master the technique involved. That way, your efforts will not be wasted and your leg muscles development will never lag behind.

For sure, your own physical proportions may dictate variations in your training. Certain bodybuilders with short legs, find squats easy and rewarding. Their physical proportions give a mechanical and leverage advantage that makes it easier to execute squats properly using very heavy weight. A taller bodybuilder usually finds that the lower back becomes much more involved in this exercise than would be true for a shorter man. In fact, squats were our best lower back exercise. Doing front squats - a movement in which you must keep your back straight - in addition to regular squats, is the best way of getting the most out of your leg workouts.

We found that we were able to stay in a much better groove doing squats by putting a low block under our heels. You can try this yourself to see if this improves your balance and the feel of the exercise. Just be careful not to use too high a block, which throws you too far onto your toes and tends to make you fall forward. Another variation that can prove useful is doing squats on a smith machines, where the bar slides along a fixed track and you don't have to worry about the weight sliding off your shoulders.

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