Standing Calf Raises

Standing Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raises - To develop the overall mass of the calves muscles

1) Stand with your toes on the block of a Standing Calf Raise machine, your heels extended out into space.

2) Hook your shoulders under the pads and straighten your legs, lifting the weight clear of the support.

3) Lower your heels as far as possible toward the floor, keeping your knees slightly bent throughout the standing calf raises movement in order to work the lower area of the calves muscles as well as the upper, and feeling the muscles stretch to the maximum. (Get a block that is high enough so that you can get a full stretch when you lower your heels)

4) From the bottom of the standing calf raises movement, come up on your toes as far as possible.

5) The weight should be heavy enough to exercise the calves muscles, but no so heavy that you cannot come all the way up for most of your repetitions..

When you are too tired to do complete repetitions, finish off the set with a series of partial movements to increase the intensity of the exercise.

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