Sissy Squats

Sissy Squats

Sissy Squats : To isolate the lower quadriceps. Although Sissy Squats movement is called a Squat, it is very close to a Leg Extension in the way it affects the legs. You will feel a lot of stress right down to where the quadriceps insert into the knee.

1) Stand upright, feet a few inches apart, holding on to a bench or something else for support when performing Sissy Squats exercise.

2) Bend your knees, raise up on your toes, and slowly lower yourself toward the floor, letting your pelvis and knees go forward while your head and shoulders tilt backward.

3) Continue down as low as possible, until your buttocks practically touch your heels.

4) Stretch the thigh muscles and hold for a moment, then straighten your legs and come back up into a standing position.

5) Flex your thigh muscles hard at the top of the movement for maximum cuts and development.

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