Single Leg Extension

Single Leg Extension


Do these exercise one leg at a time so that we can focus on each individual quad muscle, especially on the vastus medialis, or inner thigh.

To get the fullest range of motion possible for single leg extension workout, hold your thigh down against the pad with your hand, then extend and contract your leg all the way up and all the way down in a nonstop rhythm. Does this until your thigh is fried, then switches legs and repeats.


1) Use a leg extension that has a back support, which will help protect your back. Choose a low weight that you can lift easily for 10-14 reps.

2) Seated in the machine when performing the single leg extension exercise, keep your back flat against the seat back and hook your left foot behind the lifting bar.

3) Lift the weights slowly until your leg is fully extended in front of you. Concentrate on keeping your lower back pressed against the seat's back pad at all times.

4) Slowly lower the weight, returning your foot to the starting position and squeezing your glutes on the way down. Do 12-15 reps. As your strength builds, increase the amount of the weight for your single leg extension workout.

5) Repeat with the opposite leg. Do 3 sets for each leg.

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