Mass Building - Quadriceps

Mass Building - Quadriceps

The basic mass building exercise for quadriceps and gluteals is squats - an exercise you will find in every program from beginning to competition and one which every great bodybuilder has learned to rely on. Squats have a complicated mechanical effect on the body.

As you begin the squat, the thighs bear most of the effort; the farther down you go, the more the stress is transferred to the hamstrings; at the bottom of the movement, the buttocks take up a larger proportion of the strain. Squats may be more or less effective depending on an individual's particular proportions. Sometimes exercises like front squats are also needed to more directly work the quadriceps and lessen the involvement of the lower back muscles.

Heavy leg presses also contribute to building massive thighs and glutes. Leg extensions, which isolate the quadriceps themselves, are not considered a mass-building movement.

Good muscle separation and definition obviously cannot be achieved unless you diet to severely reduce your body fat. But it takes more than just diet - you also need to work your thighs with exercises like leg extensions, lunges and leg curls. Including hack squats in your workouts also helps give you ultimate hardness and definition. (Squats and lunges actually work the hamstrings to some degree, too !)

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