Machine Squats

Machine Squats

Machine Squats: To develop the quadriceps. When you do machine squats, you can work the thighs intensely while putting less strain on other areas such as the knees and lower back. There are a number of machines designed to approximate the Squat movement. They use a variety of techniques to create resistance, including weights, friction and even air compression.

1) Place your shoulders under the bar and come up to a standing position.

2) Position your feet to obtain the desired effects from the machine squats exercise.

3) Bend your knees and squat down until your thighs are lower than parallel, then press back up to the starting position of machine squats.

Turning your toes out when performing this workout helps develop the inside of the thighs. Balancing a barbell in this position could be difficult, but the machine makes it easy. Standing with your feet moved forward helps isolate the quadriceps, especially the lower area near the knee, and minimizes strain to the lower back since you don't need to bend forward at all.

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