Lunge Squat

Lunge Squat

LUNGE SQUAT - To develop the front of the thighs and glutes. Lunge Squat is a variation of the squat that can be done to either side or forward. The quads of the lead leg are targeted with both front and side lunges.

1) Holding a barbell across the back of your shoulders, stand upright with your feet together, stand upright with your feet together.

2) Keeping your head up, back straight, and chest thrust out, take a step forward, bend your knees, and bring your trailing knee almost to the floor.

3) The step should be long enough so that the trailing leg is almost straight when performing this exercise.

4) Push yourself back up to the starting position of Lunge Squat with one strong and decisive movement, bringing your feet together, then step forward with the other foot and repeat the Lunge Squat movement.

You can do all your repetitions with one leg, then switch and repeat with the other, or you can alternate legs throughout the set.

Side lunges also target the groin muscles (especially the adductor gracilis of the opposite leg). Be careful, though: lower into the position instead of lunging into it when doing the Lunge Squat workout.

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