Leg Press

Leg Press

LEG PRESS - To build the mass of the thighs muscles. If Squats have a disadvantage, it's the pressure they put on the lower back. Doing Leg Press is way around this that allow you to work the legs with very heavy weight.

1) Using a Leg Press machine, position yourself under the  Leg Press machine and place your feet together against the crosspiece.

2) Bend your knees and lower the weight as far as possible, bringing your knees toward your shoulders.

3) Press the weight back up again until your legs are fully extended when performing the Leg Press exercise.

Don't get in the habit of pushing on your knees to help your legs press upward, or of crossing your arms across your chest and limiting your range of motion.

There are a number of other machines on which you can perform this exercise. Some of these move along an angled track, others along a horizontal. No matter which type of machine is used, Leg Press exercise should be done in a similar manner, with the knees coming back as closely as possible to the shoulders.

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