Leg Muscles - Competition Program

Leg Muscles - Competition Program

Once you begin to train for bodybuilding competition, you have to be conscious of many more aspects of leg muscles development - full muscle shape, greater striations, cross striations, complete muscle separation, the mass of the thighs developed in proportion to the rest of the body. To achieve this you need to demand even more from your leg training, making already difficult workouts almost impossible by using every one of the Shocking Principles you can.

Supersetting leg training, for example, can really deplete you. The thighs are the biggest muscles in the body and when you start doing two or more sets without resting you can easily drive yourself to total exhaustion unless you are in great condition. You can superset within the same muscle - Squats and Leg extensions, for example - or back to front with Lunges and Leg Curls. But all of this intensity is for a purpose: to do everything possible to develop every part of the thigh.

At this level, you need to be extremely honest with yourself, looking at your thighs and accurately assessing where your development is merely adequate, outstanding, or simple unsatisfactory. The key to winning is to detect weak points early on and begin to correct them as soon as possible rather than waiting until it may be too late.

The Competition Program is designed to teach you total control over your own development. You will need to understand your own body structure more completely, and to fully comprehend which movements are designed to emphasize the various areas of the legs - the upper or lower thighs, the inside or outside, the insertion, origin, or thickness of the leg biceps. You will need to learn to feel precisely where Squats, Front Squats, Leg Presses, and Hack Squats are having their effect, and how to alter your program to include a greater proportion of those exercises that work best for you. Knowing all this enables you to achieve the comprehensive development that it takes to win titles.

Remember, all the exercises detailed in these programs are important. Even if you vary the programs, it is not a good idea to leave out the fundamental exercises entirely. Squats may build mass and Leg Extensions create shape and definition, but the combination of these two movements, plus the other important exercises, is what gives you total quality development.

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