Leg Muscles - Beginning and Advanced Programs

Leg Muscles - Beginning and Advanced Programs

In the leg muscles beginning program, basic exercises designed to work each important area of the leg muscles: Squats, Lunges, and Leg Curls. Squats and Lunges exercise work well in combination to build up the size and strength of the frontal thighs and glutes, and Leg Curls exercise is the most direct way of developing the back of the thighs.

But don't make the mistake of believing that these leg exercises are merely for beginners simply because they are included in this Leg Muscles Beginning Program. No matter how advanced you become, these exercises are still vital to building and maintaining great thighs. Except for very specialized training in which you are working only on certain weak points, you will always need to rely on these basic movements.

In leg muscles advanced training you need to do Squats in different ways. Front Squats, for example, force you to keep your back straight, which works the muscles differently. In Hack Squats you go all the way down, which works the lower thighs and helps separate the quadriceps from the leg biceps. The various kinds of Squats attack the leg muscles from different directions; exercises for leg biceps, such as Straight-Leg Deadlifts, allow you to continue to escalate the intensity of effort you impose on leg muscles.  

Because leg training is so demanding, conditioning is an important factor. In the beginning, you will find the few leg exercises included to be difficult enough. But after a while, when you have become stronger and more conditioned, the total efforts of the advanced and competition programs, as difficult as they are, will be well within your increased capabilities.

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