Legs Muscle

Legs Muscle

  • Quadriceps and calves are crucial to lower-body symmetry, so they need to be balanced. Just because they aren't so-called beach muscles doesn't mean you can neglect them.

  • Leg muscle training is demanding work. Beginners should stick with machines until they have developed a feel for how their muscles function. Remember one key point: Learn good form. Leave squats until later. Also try pyramiding your weights: Start off with a light warm-up set and add more weight on succeeding sets.

  • Perfect your skill until the movement feels natural. That means using a weight that you can control.

  • Many rank the squat as the No.1 leg muscle exercise. Intermediates should by all means do it, but spend some time with a knowledgeable trainer; form is everything, especially with squats.

  • Learn ways to increase your intensity on all exercises. Challenge yourself to use heavier weights, employ drop sets and other growth-producing principles.

  • Watch your glutes! Bodybuilders with enormous glutes have disproportionate physiques. Your glutes will get enough stimulation in your leg muscle workout, so avoid exercises designed to build them up even more.

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