Leg Muscle - Training Routine

Leg Muscle - Training Routine

Strength is paramount for leg muscle development. The root of the problem is that most bodybuilders hate to do squat. The lower the degree of muscular development, the more they hate to squat, the higher up the bodybuilding feeding chain you travel, the more they have come to grips with squatting.

Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone are both legitimate 700-pound-plus squatters. Is it coincidental that they are the best? The squat is better than all the other leg exercises training routine put together. So don't pretend that leg presses and leg extensions are the physiological equivalent of squatting - you're deluding yourself!

The first day is heavy; do squats on this day. On the light day substitute leg presses. Limit your session length to one hour.

After about six months of training, consider yourself an intermediate. Keep the routine intact and kick up the iron - strength and size are physiologically linked. Now's the time to really get into your squatting. Squats are so far out in first that second doesn't even matter. Once you've made the commitment, push like your life depended on it.

Advanced trainers should add a few finishing movements to round out the program. Again, stronger is better (using perfect technique); you won't develop a championship physique using poundage which your grandfather could handle!


EXERCISE                             SETS                                  REPS

Squat                                 8                              1-8

Leg Extension                       4                               12

Leg Press                             4                               10

Leg Curl                               8                               12


Lunge Stiff-Legged                 4                               20

Deadlift                                4                               12

Leg Curl                               4                              12

Leg Extension                        4                               12

Leg Press                             4                               12

Hack Squat                           4                               12

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