Leg Biceps

Leg Biceps

Even though many bodybuilders a few years ago had well-developed upper legs in both the front and the back, there wasn't all that much emphasis put on the leg biceps in competition. Now they have become enormously important .

Like triceps, the leg biceps play a major part in a wide variety of poses. When you do a side chest or triceps shot, the sweep of the leg biceps is very evident. In any back shot, powerful and defined rear delts, traps and lats will not compensate for undeveloped leg biceps. Seen from the back, development of the distinct heads of the leg biceps, along with ripped and developed calves, is needed to create a balance to muscularity of the back, shoulders and arms displayed in poses like a rear double biceps or rear lat spread. Also, we are seeing more and more examples of striated and even cross-striated leg biceps, something that almost didn't exist ten or fifteen years ago. And, just as in auto racing or virtually any other sport, as soon as somebody achieves something new, everybody else dives in and pursues the same achievement. So, fabulously muscular, striated, and vascular leg biceps are likely to be the norm rather than the exception in the future.

The more developed the leg biceps are, the more your legs are going to meet in the middle and touch each other, even though your legs are held some distance apart. A properly developed leg biceps leaves a distinct line separating the back of the leg from the front of the thigh when seen from the side, and is a sure indication of a bodybuilder who has really succeeded in achieving quality leg training.

The primary exercises for developing the hamstring are leg curls. These can be done lying down (usually using both legs at the same time) or standing (getting extra isolation using one leg at a time). But this muscle also comes into play in squats and lunges, especially as you work through the lower half of the range of motion.

To get a full stretch in the leg biceps, we recommend doing straight leg deadlifts and Good Mornings, exercises that are primarily for the lower back, but which also help develop the back of the thighs and glutes.

Don't forget that leg biceps also respond extremely well to various shocking principles like stripping method, partial and forced reps and supersetting. The more you can shock this important muscle, the more development you can expect to see.

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