How to do Squat

How to do Squat

The king of leg muscle exercise, we make squats the cornerstone of our leg training. Start light and build your poundage gradually, developing perfect technique. Go to parallel and don't bounce at the bottom.

  1. Position the bar on the squat rack at a height approximately 3-5 inches lower than your shoulder.

  2. Check your equipment: weights on both sides, collars, spotter, rails adjusted, general area clear of loose plates and debris.

  3. Use 2 spotters, especially if you're using heavy weights. Place your hands evenly on the bar and position yourself so that the bar rests near the top of the trapezius muscles but not on the cervical spine. With your feet squarely under it, lift the bar from the rack with the legs.

  4. Step back just far enough to avoid bumping the rack during the exercise. Position your feet at a comfortable width.

  5. Your weight should remain centered over the back half of your feet, not your toes, throughout the descent and ascent.

  6. Descend with control into a position where the tops of your thighs are about parallel to the floor, keeping your torso and back erect so that your hips remain under the bar at all times.

  7. Don't allow your hips to drift backward, your knees to drift inward or out beyond your toes, or your torso to incline forward.

  8. Check on proper position to ensure that the angles formed at the knee joint and hip joint are close to being equal.

  9. Vigorously rise out of the bottom position following the same path that your descended - the torso and back remain erect and the hips remain under the bar throughout the ascent.

  10. As your leverage improves throughout your ascent, accelerate the bar with maximum force. Slow down just short of lockout to eliminate unnecessary ballistics.

  11. Use supportive devices such as power suits and wraps only if the weight is extremely heavy. Doing without such devices for light to moderate squatting forces your body - instead of your gear - to adapt to the stress.

  12. When returning the bar to the rack, have both spotters carefully guide you in, being sure that your hands aren't in the way. Your fatigues state has diminished your control over the weight, so use caution here.

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