Hack Squat

Hack Squat

HACK SQUAT - To develop the lower area of the thigh. It is a good movement for working the lower range of the pressing motion.

Pile on the plates and really move some iron. Use good form when performing this exercise but don't worry about leg muscle advanced training techniques; think heavy.

1) Depending on the design of the Hack Squat machine you use, either hook your shoulders under the padded bars or take hold of the handles.

2) Your feet should be together, toes pointed slightly out.

3) Press downward with your legs and lift the mechanism, stopping when your legs are fully extended. This keep constant tension on the legs.

4) Bend your knees and lower yourself all the way down when performing the Hack Squats exercise.

5) Your legs should end up bent at a much more acute angle than when you do Squats. In all your Hack Squats repetitions, keep working this lower range of motion by going all the way down.

6) For some of your last Hack Squats repetitions, lower yourself in the normal way, but as you press back up, arch your back and bring your hips away from the machine without locking your legs out. This will emphasize the separation between the leg biceps and the quadriceps, which makes the thighs look huge when you do a side chest shot.

Hack Squats machines and leg presses of all varieties are useful for leg muscle workout if :

1) You haven't learned how to do squats properly yet.

2) You don't have a spotter to do squats or a safety squat bar.

3) Your back is tired or injured and you can't do regular squats.

At best, hack squat are poor substitutes whereby shear forces in the knee can be as much as 30% higher than the conventional techniques. This caution also applies to sissy squats, front squats and overhead squats (also called snatch-grip squats).

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