Calves Muscles

Calves Muscles

Calves muscles, along with quads muscles, support the human form in the walking or standing positions. Due to incessant low level of stimulation, they have biologically adapted by developing a higher proportion of slow twitch fibers than fast twitch fibers. As a result, it is difficult to stimulate the same growth in this muscles than most of the other muscle groups.

The special physiological composition of the muscles prevents them from responding well to traditional bodybuilding and strength training programs, in which the same loading and RI are used for the calves as for other muscles.

The calves muscle have a higher capillarization than other muscles because of their genetic adaptation to human needs, and are able to resupply their energy needs (ATP/CP stores) more quickly. In order to offset the energy balance of the calves, your calves training must be slightly different. 

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