Calves Muscles - Weak Point Training

Calves Muscles - Weak Point Training

You might find your calves muscles are growing, but not proportionately; certain areas are lagging behind. The answer in calf training is the same as with any other body part - you choose specific calf exercises to help correct the imbalance:

Develop Lower Calves Muscles

Do additional sets of Seated Calf Raises to develop the soleus muscle of the lower calf - that V look in which the muscle descends down to the Achilles tendon.

Bend the knees slightly when doing Standing Calf Raises to bring the lower calves muscles into the movement. This works calves muscles well if you do partial movements at the extreme bottom of the range of motion - your heels almost touching the floor.

Develop Upper Calves Muscles

Standing Calf Raises with special emphasis on the top part of the range of motion, especially when you hold yourself in a full contracted position at the top of the Standing Calf Raises movement.

Emphasis on the inside of the Calves Muscles

Do sets of every one of the calf exercises with toes turned outward.

Emphasis on the outside of the Calves Muscles

Calf Raises with toes turned inward.

One Calf Too Small

Add on two extra sets of One-Leg Calf Raises for the smaller calf. Your two sets could be Standing Calf Raises on one leg while holding a dumbbell in your hand, and to bring up the lower calf, Seated Calf Raises performed one-legged. In fact, most calf exercises can be adapted to a one-leg movement. Just be sure to use enough weight to really stimulate the muscle you want to bring up.

Develop front of the Calves

Developing the tibialis anterior creates a split that makes your calves look extra wide from the front. Doing Front Calf Raises can make the calves look an inch bigger. This exercise helps to separate the outside from the inside and creates a wide look that sheer calf size alone cannot accomplish. Therefore, this muscle needs the same attention that the others get - a full 4 sets of intense training and plenty of stretching.

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