Calves Muscles - Beginning Program

Calves Muscles - Beginning Program

When you begin to train calves muscles, you will probably not be able to use the amount of heavy weight which you have put on. The untrained calf muscle is very disproportionate in its "strength curve." Your calf muscles have carried your body weight throughout your whole life, but you rarely require them to function at the extreme ends of their range of motion - at full extension of full contraction.

When you start doing Calf Raises you will probably find you are enormously strong in the mid-range, but very weak at the extremes. So what you have to do the first few months of training is bring up the strength of your calves muscles at full contraction and full extension so that you acquire some balance throughout the strength curve. At this point, you can begin to pile on the weight and develop the entire range of motion of the calves muscles.

Still, you will find that the mid-range is disproportionately strong - due to mechanical and leverage factors - and this is why doing partial as well as full-range movements right from the beginning. In this way, you can use enormous amounts of weight to full stress the calves muscle at its strongest angles.

In order to get you started, limit the calf training to 4 sets, 15 reps each of Standing Calf Raises 3 times a week. Concentrate on these to begin with and learn to do Standing Calf Raises correctly:

1) Get a full range of motion, calves full stretch at the bottom, up on your toes for a full contraction at the top.

2) Use a block high enough so that your heels can drop all the way down.

3) Use strict movement, keeping your knees straight enough so that you are lifting the weight only with the calves muscles, not by pressing with your legs.

4) Use a "normal" foot position - that is, with your feet pointed straight ahead, so that your entire calf is worked proportionately.

5) Do not rush through your calf muscle's training to get to something else, or simple tack on some sets for calves at the end of your workout - work your calves with as much energy and concentration as any other body part.

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