Calves Muscles - Advanced and Competition Program

Calves Muscles - Advanced and Competition Program

For calves muscles advanced and competition training, it is recommended to work the calves muscles 6 times a week. This amount of frequency represents "overtraining", but when we look at the bodybuilders who have the best calves muscles, we find out that they are the ones who train calves muscles more frequently.

In calves muscles advanced training, remember to include both Donkey Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises along with the mass-building Standing Calf Raises. The Seated Raises are designed to work the soleus muscle, extending your calf lower toward your ankle, and the Donkey Raises allow you to do strict repetitions against resistance centered at the hips rather than the shoulders.

Donkey Calf Raises create a kind of deep development unlike any other calf exercise. You feel different after Donkeys Calf Raises - not just a pump but the feeling that you have worked the calf muscle right down to the bone. Another good thing about Donkey Calf Raises is that the bent-over position increases the amount of stretch you can get, which gives you the longest possible range of motion.

Once you advance to the competition program, there will be two new exercise to learn. Front Calf Raises to develop the tibialis anterior, and One-Leg Calf Raises to further isolate the calf muscles of each leg. But beyond the exercises themselves, you'll begin to work on shaping the entire area of the calves muscles by varying the position of your toes during the calf exercises.

Most bodybuilders whose calves muscles refuse to grow are simply not training them hard enough or with enough weight. By the time you reach the level of Competition Training, the program will include anywhere from 9 to 15 sets of calf training and if you do this much work correctly, with the right amount of intensity and the proper amount of weight, your calves will simply be forced to develop and grow. But there is something else you can do to help ensure this response from your calf muscle: Learn to vary your program to continually surprise and stimulate the calves muscles.

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