Calf Raises on Leg Press Machine

Calf Raises on Leg Press Machine

Calf Raises on Leg Press Machine - To develop the calves muscles

1) Using one of the various types of Leg Press machines, position yourself as if to do a Leg Press, but push against the foot pads only with your toes, leaving your heels unsupported.

2) Straighten your legs and press the weight up until your knees are almost locked out when performing the Calf Raises on Leg Press machine workout.

3) With your knees just slightly bent, keep your heels pressed upward but let your toes come back toward you, feeling the fullest possible stretch in the calf muscles.

4) When you can't stretch any farther, press the weight upward with your toes as far as you possible can to fully contract your calf muscles.

You can't cheat at all when you do Calf Raises on a Leg Press machine. Lying with your back braced against the pad, you can totally isolate the calves muscles to give them a really intense workout. Make sure the safety bars are in place in case your toes slip.

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