Building the Quadriceps

Building the Quadriceps

For great thighs you need mass, shape, and separation between each of the important quadriceps muscles: the rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, and vastus lateralis. You need to develop the overall mass of your thighs to bring them up to where they are proportionate with your upper body. Great size comes about only by lifting heavy weight, especially with exercises like squats and leg presses.

But modern bodybuilders need more than just size to win contests. They need to develop legs that show as much quality as quantity:

1) Full development and shape of each of the separate muscles of the quadriceps; a full and satisfying sweep of muscle on the outside of the thigh from hip to knee; the central V-shaped delineation of the middle front thigh; fullness and thickness where the quadriceps insert into the knee; and a fully developed and defined leg biceps.

2) Clear and evident definition in the thigh area, with striations and cross striations standing out as if revealed in an anatomy chart.

3) Full, rounded development of the thigh as seen from the side, almost as if you were looking at a pair of parentheses, with a distinct separation between the front of the thigh and the leg biceps.

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