Building a Great Pair of Legs

Building a Great Pair of Legs Muscles

Tips on building a great pair of legs muscle:

  • The best way to determine whether you're working quads or hamstrings is to closely monitor your range of motion. If you stop at the point where your thighs are just parallel to the floor in the squat, for example, you're typically isolating quads. If you go below the parallel position, you'll generally put more emphasis on your hamstrings and glutes when you rise.

  • Always do some light sets to warm up your legs before training hard. Always resist the weight in the negative portion of the movement to extract the most benefit from each exercise.

  • Leg work is so tough, many people lock out to rest in the middle of their sets or use their knees to help bounce the weight up. Not only is this counterproductive, but it can be outright dangerous. To minimize risk to the knees, do slow, deliberate movements with strict form.

  • Avoid looking down or around when you squat; wherever your head goes, your body is sure to follow. Having a curved or contorted angle to your back with a heavy weight on it is asking for trouble.

  • A lot of people "weight trip" in the gym: They think they'll impress someone by loading the bar or rack so heavy, but then have to use terrible form to get the weight up. Experienced bodybuilders will look at someone like that and think, "What is this dude doing?"

  • Beginners can get great results. Use light weight and limit yourself to just three sets for leg's muscles exercise. If you're afraid of free weight squats, start with squats on a Smith machine. After you learn the proper form and feel comfortable with the movement, you can graduate to barbell squads.

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