Reverse Wrist Curl

Reverse Wrist Curl

Reverse Wrist Curl : The wrist extends and hyperextend. During extension, the hand moves from a flexed position (palm close to the forearm) to the neutral position where the hand is in line with the arm. Hyperextension occurs when the back of the palm rises above the level of the forearm.

1) Hold a dumbbell in each hand and kneel facing the long side of an exercise bench.

2) Place your forearms muscle on the bench so that your hands extend across the bench. Your hands should be free to move through a full range of motion. Turn the palms down.

3) Keep your forearms flat on the bench and bend your elbows at 90 degrees, with the shoulders directly over the elbows or forearms.

4) Lower the hands so that the wrists are maximally flexed. This is the starting position for reverse wrist curl.

5) Bending the wrist, raise the hands (back of the hands) as high as possible. In the top position, your hands should be well above the forearms.

6) After raising the weights as high as possible, lower the hands to the original position under control. The forearms must remain in full contact with the bench during execution. Do the reverse wrist curl exercise at a moderate speed and go through the full range of motion.

7) When using heavy weights or when fatigue begins to set in during the reverse wrist curl workout, inhale and hold your breath as you raise the weights; exhale on the return.

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