Reverse Wrist Curl - Sports Uses

Reverse Wrist Curl - Sports Uses

For bodybuilders, the reverse wrist curl is very important for maximum development of the forearm muscles on the back of the forearm. These wrist movements play an important role in lifting weights when the palm is down and when executing exercises with the palm up as, for example, in front and lateral arm raises.

Wrist extension and hyperextension are important for executing backhand shots in racket sports such as tennis, badminton, racquetball and squash.

The forearm muscles involved are extremely important in holding the hand in line with the forearm, which is needed whenever executing precise movements with the fingers, as in drawing and painting, when holding various implements, and in sports that require serving. Since the finger extensor muscles are also assistant wrist extensors, the wrist extensor muscles work together with the finger extensors to keep the fingers and hand in line with the forearm.

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