One Arm Cable Reverse Curls

One Arm Cable Reverse Curls

One Arm Cable Reverse Curls : To isolate and develop the forearm extensors muscle.

Using one arm cable reverse curls, you get constant, full range of motion resistance that doesn't vary with position as much as when you use dumbbells. This makes this forearm exercise an excellent specialized one for overcoming weak points in the forearm extensors, especially if one arm is bigger than the other.

1) Using a floor-level pulley, grasp a handle with one hand, using a palms-down grip.

2) Concentrating on keeping your elbow completely still as a pivot point, curl the back of your hand up as far as possible toward your shoulder.

3) At the top of the movement, lower your hand again, resisting all the way down. Finish your set with one arm, then repeat with the other.

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