Forearm Training

Forearm Training

Forearms muscle training should be taken just as seriously as any other body part if you want to develop a truly quality physique. Forearm are involved in nearly every workout for the upper body, either by helping you grip a piece of equipment or by being a part of all pushing and pulling actions. Forearm muscle get a lot of incidental training even when you are not specifically doing forearm exercises. In fact, anytime you flex the elbows or wrists you put stress on the forearm muscles.

Good forearm muscle development is necessary to create a championship physique but forearm strength is just as important. Strong forearms muscle allow you to train with heavier weights and, in exercises such as Chins and Cable Rows, in which the hand and wrist are generally the "weak link", give you the capacity to train hard and put more stress on other muscles group.

As with other muscles, genetic structure is a factor in determining the potential size and strength of the forearms muscle. The reason some forearm muscles seem to extend all the way to the hand, with almost no tendon intervening, is that that person has an extremely long "muscle belly" - the actual contractile part of the muscle-tendon structure. Muscle size is affected by the length of the muscle belly because mass is a product of volume - that is, three dimensions rather than just one. So having two inches more length in the forearm actually translates into a lot of extra potential when you consider what the increase in cubic measurement can be. Many bodybuilders constructed like this claim they do not need to do forearm training but get adequate results with exercises like heavy barbell curls. Even if you are genetically gifted with good forearms muscle, this doesn't mean you don't have to train them.

It is also possible to have high forearms - that is, to have a relatively short muscle belly and a long tendon, limiting the cubic volume of the muscle mass. Most bodybuilders, are somewhere in between, with neither the full forearm structure nor impossibly high forearms. It is possible to build the forearm muscles up to where they are proportionate to the upper arm, but you have to train them hard to do so.

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