Forearm Training - Competition Program

Forearm Training - Advanced Program

Once you begin your bodybuilding training to participate in bodybuilding competition, we recommend that you make sure you have hit every one of the forearm muscles by adding Preacher Bench Reverse Curls and Behind-the-Back Wrist Curls to your forearm muscle training program.

When you do Reverse Curls for the upper part of the forearms muscle, use a straight bar rather than an E-Z curl bar. As you lift the bar in an upward arc from the area of your thighs, you curl the wrists back and fully involve the upper forearms muscle. Incidentally, many bodybuilders lean back as they do Reverse Curls, but you should actually lean slightly forward. This further isolates the arms, puts continuous stress on the forearms, and gives you a much stricter movement.

Reverse Curls also work well on certain kinds of curl machines and a preacher bench. But no matter which way you do this forearm exercise, always remember to get a full range of movement - all the way down, all the way up, and keep it slow and in total control.  Remember, your wrists and forearms muscle will be affected by heavy Barbell Curls and Cheat Curls, Triceps Extensions, and a number of other exercises throughout all the various levels of forearm workouts.

We recommend doing forearm training at the end of your bodybuilding workout. If you try doing other upper body exercises when your wrists and forearms are already fatigues, you will severely limit your ability to train intensely.

One good method for totally stimulating your forearms muscle is after you do your Wrist Curls - when you are too tired to do any more reps - simply let the bar hang in your fingers and then flex your fingers by opening and closing your hands and getting to those last few available muscle fibers.

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