Forearm Training - Beginner's Advice

Forearm Training - Beginner's Advice

Forearm training should be included as part of your bodybuilding workout schedule right from the beginning, but these bodybuilding workouts will differ somewhat from those for other muscle groups. Because forearms are involved in so many other exercises, you will not need many forearms exercises to start with - Barbell Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls will suffice. We do not recommend doing as many sets for forearms muscle as for back, chest, or other body parts, but we have found that doing sets of relatively high reps gives the best results.

One mistake many beginner's bodybuilders make with forearm training is that they don't use enough weight. Forearms muscle are somewhat like calves in that they are accustomed to continued use and heavy stress. So you need to use a fairly heavy weight in order to really stimulate the forearm muscles.

Strict technique is also necessary to totally isolate the forearms and not let the biceps do the work. This is done by laying your forearms firmly on a bench, elbows close together and locked in between your knees.

It may seem to some that concentrating on forearms muscle right from the beginning is not that important, but we disagree - forearm and grip strength are so essential to being able to train hard and heavy that you need to develop the forearms muscle right from day one. And since forearm growth comes slowly to some people, the sooner you get started to train your forearm muscle - the better !

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