Forearm Training - Advanced Program

Forearm Training - Advanced Program

In the forearm training - advanced program, we have added One-Arm Wrist Curls to isolate and increase the intensity for each forearm muscle, and constructed the workout so that you superset Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls, giving you a complete forearm training program.

Of course, just the fact that you are training the rest of the body so much more intensely at this point will in itself force the arms to work harder. Your total workout will tend to exhaust forearms so that, once you get to train them specifically, it will take a great deal of concentration and dedication to work these tired and worn-out forearm muscles.

Remember that forearm size, more than almost any other part, depends on genetics. If you have a short forearm muscle belly and therefore have trouble gaining the kind of size you had like to have, begin thinking about extra forearm work early. Because forearms muscle gain in size slowly, you need time to make the changes you are looking for.

But you might be surprised just how quickly you can develop forearms muscle if you really make the effort. Often, the reason bodybuilders have problems developing forearms is simply that they don't train them hard enough. They tack forearm training onto the end of their workout and do a few halfhearted sets. Believe us, if you want any body part to develop to its maximum you have to take it seriously. Forearm training is no less important than training the thigh or back - if you truly want to become a champion.

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